The wonders of modern dental technology are simply astounding. At our dental clinic at Yaletown in Vancouver, we have invested in a variety of dental technology that helps to dramatically enhance your smile. One great dental tool is The Cosmetic Imager, which shows you pictures of your smile after treatment, and the Intraoral Camera. Both devices are great ways for you to see your new smile.

dental technology vancouverThe Cosmetic Imager gives you an idea of what your appearance would be like if you replaced your actual smile with one created by the dentistry team at Atlantis Dental Centre. The process works as follows:
– The dentist will take a photo of you from the neck up and then put it onto the computer screen.
– Then the dentist corrects your tooth problems, and this is all possible without you even opening your month.
– The last step is a rough idea, predicting how your smile will look. This is the photo the dentist simulates that you can take a look at. You can then discuss with the dental team at Atlantis Dental Centre about your customized treatment options for realizing your ideal smile. 

Patients should be careful about bringing in a picture of a famous person whose smile they want for themselves. They may not have a smile that will truly highlight your features based on face shape and bone structure. Everyone’s smile is unique and should stay that way. A picture of a famous person, however, has one good purpose which is to serve as good start for examining your smile. You can identify what qualities you like about that person’s smile and what you dislike about your own.

The Intraoral Camera System takes real photos of your mouth. These photos can give patients a deeper look of their teeth, making it easy to understand what’s happening and why oral health is important.

Furthermore, pictures from the Intraoral Camera System can help with dental claims. You will now be able to provide your dental insurance company with a lot of detailed information and they can make a decision from these pictures.

The Cosmetic Imager and the Intraoral Camera ensure that each dental appointment is informative and effective. You will be able to inquire in a more meaningful way, which leads to making better decisions about yourself.

Contact us at Atlantis Dental Centre in Vancouver and we can answer any questions you might have about the latest dental technology for your smile.