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Suffering from cracked, broken, worn, or missing teeth is a problem that affects how you look, how you feel, and how well your teeth are working.  Fortunately, Atlantis Dental offers a range of solutions which not only restore tooth function, but also transform how you look and feel!

Atlantis Dental has the technology paired with the quality and care you deserve.  Let our dentists restore your smile to its natural perfection.

CEREC One Visit Crowns

Atlantis Dental has invested in the CEREC system that uses digital technology to design, fabricate and fit a new crown, onlay or inlay in a single visit.  The results are exceptional – you’ll receive a crown that is a perfect match to your other teeth without the inconvenience on multiple appointments and temporary crowns.  Imagine perfectly matched restorations, from start to finish in a single visit! Contact Atlantis today to find out more information about One Visit Crowns.

Inlays & Onlays

Inlays are similar to fillings, while onlays are for situations that require more substantial restoration and reconstruction. Both involve bonding material to the damaged area of your tooth, and restoring it to perfect functionality and beauty. The advantage of inlays relative to traditional fillings is that inlays increase the strength of a tooth up to 75%, which means they can last for 10 to 30 years! Contact Atlantis Dental for more information about Inlays & Onlays or request an appointment online.

Tooth Coloured Fillings

Composites – also called white fillings or tooth-coloured fillings – are the perfect way to get both the oral health function and aesthetic look that you want. Composites provide protection and insulation from pain caused by hot or cold, and they are blended precisely to match the exact shade of your tooth. Composites are yet another way Atlantis Dental can restore your smile to its natural, brilliant perfection. Contact Atlantis Dental for more information about Tooth Coloured Fillings or request an appointment online.

Bridges & Implants

Gaps between teeth do more than just harm your overall appearance, and make you feel self-conscious or unattractive. Spaces also collect bacteria, plaque and other material that, over time, can cause serious oral and overall health problems. They can also cause speech problems. At Atlantis Dental, our bridges and implants fix gaps easily, quickly and permanently!

We’ll customize your bridge or implant to fit the unique spacing of your teeth and mouth, plus we’ll polish them to a glistening, bright white. In fact, your permanent bridge or implant will be straighter, stronger and more beautiful than the tooth that used to be there! Contact Atlantis Dental for more information about Bridges and Implants.

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